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The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck

When childhood best friends, Tammy and Haley were ten years old they vowed to reopen the wedding shop in their hometown of Heart's Bend, Tennessee. Those plans are put on hold when Haley joins the Airforce and Tammy passes away from cancer. 
    The second proprietor of the shop was Cora Scott in the 1930's who took over for her Aunt Jane who originally opened the store. The wedding shop tells the story of both women whose lives are intertwined together in ways Haley could never have guessed. 
     I've become quite the fan of Rachel Hauck's books over the past several years. Her stories are charming and sweet. They are filled with present and past struggles that run on parallel courses. I've found once I get into the stories I don't want to put them down. If you're looking for something to read I recommend this or one of Hauck's other books like The Wedding Dress.

The Hideway by Lauren K. Denton

"The Hideaway" by Lauren K. Denton was a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, probably more so from having just spent some time on Alabama's Gulf Coast.

   When Sara's darling little grandmother, Mags passes away Sara finds herself returning home to Sweet Bay, Alabama. She leaves behind her thriving business and best friend, Allyn, in New Orleans. Back at The Hideaway, the bed and breakfast where she grew up, Sara has to confront her past and her own feelings for Mags who raised her. Life on the Gulf Coast lulls Sara into a more relaxed state and she begins to let down her guard. Will that allow her to open up to the idea of love and a future, different from the one she had imagined for herself?

   I didn't want to put this book down. I found myself transported to the water's edge. The characters are unique and colorful, each of them adding a different layer to the story. The book changes perspectives between Mags and Sara which makes it a full story of both…