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Long Time, No Words

Hey guys! I've missed you. I know it may not seem that way by my long, unexplained intermittent, mostly absentees around here lately. I apologize for leaving you hanging. That was never my intention. You guys are awesome and I love spending time with you. I've just had a lot going on and I can't even tell you all the details. 

As I'm sure you figured out from my last post, we got a new dog in November. He is great and precious, but he has brought some major changes to my life. I'll try to dive deeper into those later as they deserve their own post. 

I've also got some big things on the horizon that I am really excited about, but I can't quite share them yet. (No, I'm not having a baby.) But, there will probably be some changes around here this year. I am really excited to share them with you and will be giving you all of the details as soon as I can let them slip. I think you will like them a lot more, too. I am going to try to be around a bit more. I hav…

Min Pin Monday: The First One

Merry Mary Monday's are no more. Instead, they are now Min Pin Monday. We adopted a second min pin in November through the IMPS rescue organization. I highly recommend using them if you are interested in adopting a min pin of your very own. (They are great dogs, but a bit high maintenance and need to be loved a certain way that involves them learning not to always do what they want. Because what they want is to explore. every. little. thing.)

Anyway, introducing William: 

He is hard to photograph, unless he is laying down. He goes and goes.
I currently don't have very many pictures of Mary and will together where one of this is not a blur, so this one will suffice. It is of the first time that I found them snuggled up together. 

Mary is funny about him snuggling with her, its on her terms, not his. But, he will barrel his way through if he feels like it. 

The Sinner's Garden by William Sirls

The Sinner's Garden by William Sirls is a story about healing, family, choices, heartache, redemption and so much more. This is Sirls’ second book (see my review for his first book here) and hopefully not his last. The story surrounds Judi Kemp, her son Andy, her brother Gerald "Rip" Ripley and her best friend Heather Gerisch. Each of them are in desperate need of a sign from God in their lives. They need His direction and leadership. Their Pastor, Pastor Welsh, is helping them, but he can only do so much. When supernatural things begin occurring in their life, it becomes apparent that their lives are somehow going to change.
I really enjoyed this book and felt myself being drawn into the story. The characters are very believable and interesting. Their flaws are, unfortunately, rather relatable to things that many people deal with in their own lives. Their story is more of a journey, which is true to my Christian walk as well. The "villain" is also very real and…