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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Resolution

I don't, as a general practice, make yearly resolutions. I'll make plans, I'll even go so far as to make goals, but I don't do resolutions. Why? Because I always fail. Always. I don't like to fail, at all, so I just don't participate in the New Year's Resolution activity. 

I did decide that I was going to do something in January. I decided to only listen to Christian music (when I was in control of the music). I figured since it was only for January I could probably succeed. I did! I didn't change the station in the car (intentionally) to a different radio station. I didn't choose a different playlist at work.

(Image courtesy of James

Y'all, this was one of the best things I've done for my life in a while. I needed to recharge my spiritual life and that was the ticket. Here in Nashville we have Way Fm and K-Love so I had options. I don't handle cheesy, annoying Christian radio well and since that is all we had growing up, I learned to write the whole industry off. But those stations are doing Christian radio well. At least if you are young. 

How do you handle resolutions?

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