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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hot and Cold

Or COLD and hot. 

Its been cold here this year, you guys. Really, really, really, cold. But, we've only had two days that involved snow and one was a Saturday. There is a storm coming through the Southeast tomorrow but it will likely miss us again. Cold without snow is somehow even more frigid. 

I am refusing to complain about the cold this year. I much prefer to be cold than to be hot. When I get hot, I get really grumpy. Just ask Pop Rocks, though he probably wouldn't tell you (#toogoodforme). So when I think to complain, I think about those summer days that I am wishing for colder weather and I sigh. I brace myself for the cold wind and determine to enjoy it. After all, it will be hot, probably too hot, again very soon. 

And once again, I'll be wishing for the polar temps. The little guys seem to prefer those warmer temps. 

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