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Monday, January 13, 2014

Min Pin Monday: The First One

Merry Mary Monday's are no more. Instead, they are now Min Pin Monday. We adopted a second min pin in November through the IMPS rescue organization. I highly recommend using them if you are interested in adopting a min pin of your very own. (They are great dogs, but a bit high maintenance and need to be loved a certain way that involves them learning not to always do what they want. Because what they want is to explore. every. little. thing.)

Anyway, introducing William: 

He is hard to photograph, unless he is laying down. He goes and goes.

I currently don't have very many pictures of Mary and will together where one of this is not a blur, so this one will suffice. It is of the first time that I found them snuggled up together. 

Mary is funny about him snuggling with her, its on her terms, not his. But, he will barrel his way through if he feels like it. 

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