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Saturday Sweet Things

If you don't want to read any of the rest of this, go watch this video... seriously do it.

Have you heard of Free Pie Wedensday? Neither had I until this past week. Get the French Silk - its amazing! 
I've made a few Pinterest Recipes lately (follow my recipe board here). 
The first one was this Cauliflower Sauce. It was good. I thought it was an alfredo sauce. It isn't until you add parmesand cheese to it. It definitely requires the addition of spices or cheese, etc. for it to become a true sauce. But its a great base. Also, don't use jumbo garlic cloves. I steamed some broccoli and boiled some noodles and made it a pasta dish.
The second one was Salmon Florentine. This was a meal that will made often in our house now. It was fairly easy and, for a salmon dish, fairly affordable. It did a bit of time to make, but that could have been helped by being better prepped. I made the spinach "topper" just used what we needed. I kept the rest and Pop Rocks fixed som…

Checking Back In

Pop Rocks and I joined up with my family for vacation the week of July 4. It was a fun week with them. Unfortunately it rained Sat - Wed a.m. We made the most of it and had fun. I took a grand total of 0 pictures so, yeah.

I've been caught in a whirlwind of work and housework, etc. Since I got back. I feel like I'm still catching up - I guess that's why people clean their house before they go on vacation. 

I am hoping to get the house completely organized and clean this weekend so that I can move on with my time. We've been cooking at home a lot this week, too. I'll share some recipes tomorrow. 

What have you been up to?