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Sunday's Song: Hurricane by Natalie Grant

"He'll find you in a hurricane."

Merry Mary Monday - 6.24.13

When I was a little girl I love the story of The Princess and the Pea. You know the one. Its about a princess who was caught in a rainstorm and seeks shelter in another kingdom's castle. When she tells them that she is a princess, the queen decides to find out and puts a pea under a bunch of mattresses. Well the princess tosses and turns the whole night and her complaining reveals that she truly is a princess. (Find out more)

Well this weekend I looked over and saw this: 

That's "Princess Mary" on her folded over blanket on top of a pillow on top of the couch. Nobody's spoiled here. Nobody at all. 
I woke her up with my picture taking.

And just one more to prove my point:

I would hide a pea in her bed, but this princess would just eat it.

Sunday's Songs - 6.23.13

I've had several songs in my head lately, but this one, as it normally does has stuck with me the most. This song is about Mary who used oil to annoint Jesus and was critizized by Judas for using oil taht would have cost a years wages. Jesus rebuked Judas because he knew that this was Mary's way of showing her love for Him.

This song uses that story and puts a new twist on it. Its true - "You weren't there when He found me. You didn't feel what I felt when He put his loving arms around me. You don't know the cost of the oil (my praise)."

I hope this song will encourage you this week. He loves you and wants to save you.

Saturday Sweet Things - 6.22.13

So I really like these posts, whether you do or not, so I'm keeping them. I think you like them though. Do you guys think I should keep the name or find something else? Perhaps, Saturday Sweet Links? E Reads? You tell me!

When I was in youth group, back in the day, I was in love with band Plus One. Well, last week after I published my first one of these posts, I was working on this weeks Sunday's Songs and went down a rabbit trail that led to Plus One. I then thought to myself, "Self, I wonder what happened to those guys?" So I Googled it and found the answer. In a random addition to this story, I am pretty sure that I once talked to Jason Perry (swoon) at an event at my college. It was a high school soccer tournament and he was there to see a kids friend play. I was running the ticket booth and he didn't have cash, it was kind of awkward, but he was super nice. I just wish I had recognized him before he walked away.

I completely left this off last week, but its a …

Happy Father's Day

I am blessed to have two wonderful men in my life that I celebrate on Father's Day.

My dad is an incredible man. I love him so much and can't say enough great things about him. He is one of the greatest people in the world. He is kind, a good listener, and my friend.

Pop Rock's dad is another of the greatest people in the world. He is kind and loving and is the best Father-in-law in the world. For real, I will win that debate, don't even try to argue.

I hope you have a great day celebrating the Father's in the world.

Saturday Sweet Things

So I want to try this out as a new "feature" on this-here-blog-thingymajig. Let me know if you like it or not in the comments. Basically this is just going to be a round-up of things I've found on the internet that have proved to be interesting. 

This is a great post from Jenny Simmons (lead singer of Addison Road) that encouraged me greatly this week. She always posts great stuff, though I don't always read it.

If you are a history buff (like me!) or a Phillipa Gregory fan (also like me!) then you will find this article really interesting. You might also like it if you like Dan Brown or that movie with Nicolas Cage about the Declaration of Independence or something (didn't watch it, yet).

I read a lot of blogs and while I find most interesting or entertaining, not many actually cause me to do something that improves my life. Rachel Anne's does. Join up as a Company Girl and take part in the Small Things monthly challenge. Your life will better and your house wi…


Its Friday and apparently everybody around here is gone this weekend. Many are probably at Bonnaroo, haha. By around here, I mean the whole city of Nashville, not my house. Everybody is still at my house. 

The fireflies are out and it makes taking Mary out at night so much more pleasant. It is like being a part of a fairyland each evening. I heard that the light exhibit at Cheekwood is supposed to be that way as well so I definitely want to check it out. 

I don't have any big plans for this weekend, except celebrating Father's Day with Pop Rocks folks this weekend. It will be fun as it always is when we are with them. 

What are you up to?

Being a Christian When Things go Wrong

Recently our pastor was diagnosed with a very rare and often deadly form of cancer. I learned about it on the news (ours is a rather large church) while on the couch recovering from surgery. The news was heartbreaking. 
See, we recently started attending this church and have really thrived from Pastor David's preaching. When things go wrong in a Christian's life, everyone seems to stop and stare. We didn't attend church the following Sunday for obvious reasons, but we did eventually listen to his sermon on the internet. It was everything you hope to hear from someone. 
Give it a listen, its about an hour long. Maybe you can put it on while you're working on something else. It will change your life. It really will.

Merry Mary Monday - 6.10.13

I snapped a few really cute pictures of Mary this weekend.

She was being pouty, so I moved her bed onto the couch so that I could hang out with her.

Have a Merry Monday!

Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade

As I had hoped to do, I finished Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade over the weekend. I enjoyed this book so much! It was a fun read and is perfect for the beach or the pool this summer. Its a great story that isn't too heavy, but not too flippant either.

The story is about Meg Cole, heiress to the Cole Oil Company fortune. Her first order of business following the death of her father is to cull the staff of people he employed. Specifically those who work in areas that don't fit her interests. One of her father's favorite hobbies was his thoroughbred horse stable. She attempts to fire Bo Porter, ranch manager, but has a hard time following through. What follows is an interesting story that I think many women can relate too.

Meg must learn a lot about herself and how to deal with her insecurities along with her anxiety issues. It's a good look at what many of us deal with on a daily basis. The tactics she uses in the book are good strategies that I can use in my life also. H…

Friday, Friday, Friday

No other day holds as much excitement for me as Friday! I love it. When I wake up Friday morning they day always feels like something great is about to happen. It doesn't always, but I love to stay up late and Friday is the only night of the week that I can pull it off. Tonight, I have a book to finish (look for a review next week) and I am so eager to get home and dive in to it. 

I will probably do some cleaning around the house as well. What day of the week do you most look forward too?

My Pony Has a Tail

In this month's issue of Real Simple there are some tips to get out of a hairstyle rut. I am in a hairstyle rut, so I sunk right into the article. Most of the women in it, like me, typically just pull their hair back. Most had good reasons for it. One because she was an artist. My reason - I cannot stand having my hair in my face. It drives. me. crazy. So at some point, my hair will be up. Usually in a ponytail, often in a knot. I like the way my hair looks in a knot. Its curly so it looks fixed, in my doesn't-really-care-how-it-looks-only-how-it-feels opinion.

So today I tried to use one of the hairstyles from the magazine. It said to make a deep part and then clip back half of your hair with a pretty barrette. I got out a barrette and parted my hair. Then I used the barrette on half of my hair. It looked absolutely awful. So my hair is in a deep parted ponytail. 

I was going to share a list of 305 different ponytails that I pinned this week, but it doesn't actually exist. …

Merry Mary Monday - 6.3.13

Its been over a month since there was a a Merry Mary Monday post... so just a quick hello and a cute picture!

Happy Monday!

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