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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Sweet Things - 6.22.13

So I really like these posts, whether you do or not, so I'm keeping them. I think you like them though. Do you guys think I should keep the name or find something else? Perhaps, Saturday Sweet Links? E Reads? You tell me!

When I was in youth group, back in the day, I was in love with band Plus One. Well, last week after I published my first one of these posts, I was working on this weeks Sunday's Songs and went down a rabbit trail that led to Plus One. I then thought to myself, "Self, I wonder what happened to those guys?" So I Googled it and found the answer. In a random addition to this story, I am pretty sure that I once talked to Jason Perry (swoon) at an event at my college. It was a high school soccer tournament and he was there to see a kids friend play. I was running the ticket booth and he didn't have cash, it was kind of awkward, but he was super nice. I just wish I had recognized him before he walked away.

I completely left this off last week, but its a great article on becoming more generous. I read it and took it to heart. Then I had an opportunity to practice what it said over the weekend and it changed my approach to the article. I hope you get something from it as well. 

So last week I read this great article about becoming more generous. I read it, took it heart and moved on. Then I went to lunch with some friends on Sunday and one bought my lunch. It was time to practice what I read and it really did make me feel more generous, though the opportunity to do something about it hasn't quite shown up yet, I am sure it is waiting on me. 

Pop Rocks and I watch a lot of music videos through our Roku player's Vevo channel. I wanted to hear some Journey and pulled up their video for "Faithfully". I love me so Journey and I love this song in particular. I had never thought about it as being a song for their wives. The video made me realize that this was a really genius idea for protecting their marriages. Every night they were on the road they would sing a song about how they loved and missed their families. Check it out:

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