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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Pony Has a Tail

In this month's issue of Real Simple there are some tips to get out of a hairstyle rut. I am in a hairstyle rut, so I sunk right into the article. Most of the women in it, like me, typically just pull their hair back. Most had good reasons for it. One because she was an artist. My reason - I cannot stand having my hair in my face. It drives. me. crazy. So at some point, my hair will be up. Usually in a ponytail, often in a knot. I like the way my hair looks in a knot. Its curly so it looks fixed, in my doesn't-really-care-how-it-looks-only-how-it-feels opinion.

So today I tried to use one of the hairstyles from the magazine. It said to make a deep part and then clip back half of your hair with a pretty barrette. I got out a barrette and parted my hair. Then I used the barrette on half of my hair. It looked absolutely awful. So my hair is in a deep parted ponytail. 

I was going to share a list of 305 different ponytails that I pinned this week, but it doesn't actually exist. So anyway, who has suggestions for me?

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