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Sunshine Awards

The wonderful and gracious Brenda Wilkerson at Don't Stop Believing nominated me for a Sunshine Award! 

Rules for the Sunshine Award: 

If you are nominated you must include the link in a blog, linking to the person/blog that nominated you. You must answer some questions, nominate 10 fellow bloggers, and link to their blogs in your post. Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them! 

1. Who is your favorite philosopher? Hmm... I don't remember having a favorite one when I took philosophy. I think I get most of my philosophical thoughts from friends and family. I also tend to overthink through everything. Then there's always grumpy cat...


2. What is your favorite number? 22 - its the birthday day. :)

3. What is your favorite animal? 

Otters. I can sit and watch them play all day long. If I could be any animal t'would be an otter.

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs? You can find me on Facebook and Twitter!

5. What is your favorite time of day? Nighttime... I'm such a night owl. I love Fridays simply because I can stay up as late as I want to, unless I have something planned for Saturday mornings.

6. What was your favorite vacation? Probably my honeymoon. But its followed by the trip I took in college to Anaheim. It was also wonderful. (Then theres the hilarious wedding roadtrip to Indiana, but I'm pretty sure you had to be there.)


So, I feel like I should give the story on the last two photos. As a general rule, I don't like characters in costume, but at Disneyland I felt that they were professionals and made it my goal for the day to have a picture with one character. I didn't really care who. As many people know, there is always a long line for pictures. Well, I saw Woody and decided he was the one so we stood in line, and then when we got to the front it was, "Time for Woody to go back in the toy box." So we snapped the first picture. Well Woody saw that we I really wanted a photo with him and all of the sudden I felt this huge hand on my shoulder. Then we got the second picture. Now, Woody is one of my favorite Disney characters.

Also notice the photo bombers in the second picture.

7. What is your favorite physical activity? 

Avoiding it... Um I love to go for a long walk. Preferably alone or with one other person and of course, Mary.

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? 

Dr. Pepper. I have an addiction and I really need to break up with the Dr. 

9. What is your favorite flower? I love daisies. They just make me so happy. I also love ranunculus.

10. What is your passion? Adoption. I would love to adopt one day, but I think everybody should. If you want to see me cry, show me pictures of families coming home with their newly adopted children. To me, its the most beautiful act in the world.


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