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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Its funny...

I tend to have my best thoughts for things I want to blog about when I am doing something else. Usually that something else requires my full attention or isn't condusive to a computer being present. Usually its driving, drifting off to sleep or getting clean. I want to write about things that matter and things that people want to read. So, what do you want to read?

I'm serious. Are there topics that I cover of which you would like to more? Are there things on here that you hate? Let me know in the comments. I want this place to not only make me happy, but to make you happy!

I've been trying to read some books to review, and I found one that is so horrible. It most likely does not relate to my readers and it is so poorly written there isn't any way that I could recommend it. I'm working on another one that is a wonderful story, so thats coming down the pipe. Anything else?


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  1. Hey, bad reviews of books can be hilarious! :) I can't think of anything particular I would like to read more of, I just like hearing your thoughts!

    I have the same problem with ideas, so I started a list in my planner that I can refer to when I have nothing to say.


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