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Oh, Its a New Year?

Yes, I know its a new year! I'm firmly planted in 2013 and have even been writing the year correctly, though I probably just jinxed myself.
I've read lots of resolutions on the internet lately and they only served to remind me that I took on Jon Acuff's Finish Year challenge last year (at least, I took it as a challenge). Here were my goals for the year"
  • Read through the Bible.
  • Start a creative venture to help others.
  • Keep the house clean.
  • Read two books a month and blog about them.
  • Blog at least 5 times a week.
    And here's what happened:
    1. Read through the Bible: Yeah, not so much. I have been making headway in the NT since I started listening to it on my way to work. (This is a fantastic option if you are like and make a commute.)
    2. Start a creative venture to help others: Honestly, this was my stretch/dream goal. It is still something that is on my heart and often my mind, but it didn't happen last year. I think it was because I relied on other people to help me along and got let down so I got down and didn't follow through.
    3. Keep the house clean: I think this is an ongoing daily goal for me.
    4. Read two books a month and blog about them: I reviewed 15 books on this little ol blog last year. I realize that isn't two a month. I read more, but I didn't review all of them for lots of reasons. I felt like I was just reveiwing books, so I intended to write real blog posts first and then didn't get around to them.
    5. Blog at least 5 times a week: Not quite, but I did blog a lot more this year than previously I actually fell short of 2011 by one post. I did hit an even 100. This is far short of the 260 that were my goal. Maybe I can do better in 2013. I can say this though: I got a lot more views in 2012. I had over 1,100 pageviews in 2012 and only 873 in 2011. You guys rock! What else can I say. So my top five most popular posts in 2012 were: The We're (not) Having a Baby Post - 1.19.12Dyed - 10.9.12 (this got the most readers in one day)Our Story - 7.31.12Our Story Part Two - 8.2.12How to Complain - 6.29.12 Heres to 2013! E   



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