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Monday, January 28, 2013

Merry Mary Monday: 1.28.13

This post isn't appropriate for small kids. Here's a cute picture for them to look at instead:

For Christmas Mary got a really cute Santa rope toy from her uncle and aunt. The first time she played with it, she ate Santa's nose. I let her try again with and she went for his hat.

I thought that was going to happen so I was prepared to remove his hat with some scissors. when I gave it back to her she went for his head. I had no choice but to cut that off as well.

Next she went for the arms and his legs so I removed those. all she had was his body which was the rope part of the toy. Unfortunately that didn't last either. Mary loves plush toys, but she manages to destroy them as quickly as possible.

Has anybody else had to decapitate Santa?

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