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Best Hair Stuff Ever!

I can't believe I haven't told you all about this yet. I generally find my hair styling products on the clearance shelf at the grocery store or pharmacy. I'm sure it probably shows. I fight frizz like a ninja!

Back in September there was a slight hair crisis for my brother's wedding. It resulted in hair care purchases at regular price. One of those purchases was Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smooth and Shine Serum)*. I instantly fell in love!

I had straightened my hair for the rehearsal dinner the night before. It looked great when we left our condo. By the time I got to the dinner it was not as great. It was better than normal, but I had put so much product in it that it felt like a greasy mess. 

The day of the wedding I used an equivalent amount of the Suave Serum in my hair, but it was still light and felt clean. Like I said I fell in love. 

The other thing is that this stuff smells great! I love it!

Anyway you should definitely check it out next time you need a s…

Merry Mary Monday: 1.28.13

This post isn't appropriate for small kids. Here's a cute picture for them to look at instead:

For Christmas Mary got a really cute Santa rope toy from her uncle and aunt. The first time she played with it, she ate Santa's nose. I let her try again with and she went for his hat.

I thought that was going to happen so I was prepared to remove his hat with some scissors. when I gave it back to her she went for his head. I had no choice but to cut that off as well.

Next she went for the arms and his legs so I removed those. all she had was his body which was the rope part of the toy. Unfortunately that didn't last either. Mary loves plush toys, but she manages to destroy them as quickly as possible.

Has anybody else had to decapitate Santa?

Merry Mary Monday - 1.21.12

The other day Mary had wondered off on her own while I was getting ready in the bathroom. I assumed she was in our bed, which is normal hideout in the mornings. However, when I tried to find her, she wasn't there. I started towards her bed to see if she was in there and looked at the couch when I passed by. Here is what I saw:

I know I've said it before, but Mary is just no good at hide-and-seek.

I hope this helps cheer up your "Blue Monday"


This Week

This past week has been interesting to say the least. Its been chockfull of everything and everyone in my life. I've had a work event, a night with friends, and one of my best friends moved. Y'all - MY. BEST. FRIEND. MOVED!!!!

Like I've mentioned before, I have amazing friends. But it hasn't always been that way. See when I was four years old we moved for the first time. My best friend before then moved too. Our friendship was over either way. I made amazing friends and they are to this day what I miss most. I keep up with some via facebook. We moved again when I was twelve. I didn't make the same kind of friends. I made some, but I only keep up with a few of them.

When I moved away to college I took a friend with me and she is amazing. Sadly, she got married and moved after college. We talk on the phone and when we do we talk for hours. I love her dearly and love that we get together as often as we can. Our friendship is definitely one of the best things in my li…

A Word for Wednesday - Worth

Have you seen this Lexus commercial?

The tag line says: "Some day your life will flash before your eyes. Make it worth watching."

It's funny because, none of what they show in the commercial should make me feel like my life is worth watching. At least I hope not.

"For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it." Matthew 16:25


Over the weekend I watched "Taylor Swift's Journey to Fearless"* on Netflix. If you have Netflix you should check it out. I've loved Taylor Swift since I heard "Teardrops on my Guitar" for the first time. One of my (many - like I'm not sure there are any I don't like) favorite songs is "Fifteen." This one:

While watching the segment they did on the song (with Abigail) I paid attention to the lyrics for the first time in a while. This line got to me:
"But in your life you'll do greater things than dating the boy on the football team but I didn't know it at fifteen." The thing I relized when I heard it is that in a lot of ways I'm stuck at fifteen. I thought this was odd, because the last time I talked to a "friend" from high school was several years ago. I wish that I had cultivated my friendships there differently. A lot of the people that I thought were my closest friends in high school haven't talked to m…

Merry Mary Monday: 1.7.12

Today is my big brother's birthday! So a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best big brother I've ever had. He is totally wonderful and irreplaceable.

Mary loves him. When he is at our house, she loves to hang out with him. For Christmas he and his wife got Mary some toys, but they also got her a Christmas Elf hat. Its fantastic! She doesn't really know what to do with it. She had never worn a hat until we put this on her at Christmas. Check it out:

Santa had a new helper this year! I hope that your Christmas was wonderful and that you got your fill of holiday joy and spirit! Hugs! E

Sunday's Songs: 1.6.12

I love to listen to music. I like most every genre of music though there are a few that I'm not really all that into. I realize though that the music I listen deteremines a lot of things for me: my mood, my thoughts, and the mood of my thoughts. So the other day when I was driving home from work in a miserable state of mind I wasn't really listening to music. Then this song came on and caught my attention.

"Not for a moment did you forsake me."
Maybe it is what you need to hear today. I need the reminder every day. Multiple times a day.

"Afterall you are constant."
Lately Meredith Andrews' songs keep popping up places where I least expect them and they rock my life in that moment. They are poignent and relate to me exactly where I am right then.

Love you to you, today!


Oh, Its a New Year?

Yes, I know its a new year! I'm firmly planted in 2013 and have even been writing the year correctly, though I probably just jinxed myself.

I've read lots of resolutions on the internet lately and they only served to remind me that I took on Jon Acuff's Finish Year challenge last year (at least, I took it as a challenge). Here were my goals for the year"

Read through the Bible.Start a creative venture to help others.Keep the house clean.Read two books a month and blog about them.Blog at least 5 times a week.
And here's what happened:

1. Read through the Bible: Yeah, not so much. I have been making headway in the NT since I started listening to it on my way to work. (This is a fantastic option if you are like and make a commute.)

2. Start a creative venture to help others: Honestly, this was my stretch/dream goal. It is still something that is on my heart and often my mind, but it didn't happen last year. I think it was because I relied on other people to help me al…