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How to Complain

After yesterday's post, I though I should provide something a little more helpful to my readers. Here are some tips I've developed from answering customer service calls and emails from time to time. You may have some other extremely helpful tips, feel free to leave them in the comments so we can all benefit!
Be Specific. This is definitely my number one tip. If you aren't specific it means that the person on the other end doesn't know details that can be used to rectify the situation. Also, the more details you provide the more credibility you lend to the situation. If it is a reoccurring incident call each time it happens. From a customer service standpoint, we would rather rectify the situation now than find about it in two days when it has happened two more times.Don't Rant, Yell, or Scream. Tell someone you would like to complain and then do it with a cool head. This may mean that you need to write an email complaint versus getting on the phone. Keep in mind th…

This One Time...

Not to long ago I was telling Pop Rocks about a horrible customer service experience I had many years ago at a certain home improvement warehouse. I don't want to name names, but you should know that I absolutely love Lowe's and have had great experiences with Ace Hardware.
This particular incident involved me trying to take back something that I had not purchased. It was for my job at the time and a co-worker had purchased something. When we started using it there were only about 50 feet of wire in the box versus the 250 feet we had purchased. (This part isn't the point.)
Well I showed up at customer service and explained what had happened. I wasn't actually returning anything, because we had already used what little was actually in the box. I explained my situation to the cashier, fully expecting to be taken care of in a courteous manner. And I was, by the cashier, but he explained that because it was a refund of over a certain amount he would have to get it approve…

Oh, Hello There!

Hello there! I've missed you. I really have. I've had some posts bumping around in my head, but I haven't taken the time to write them down for you. 
The truth is, I've been busy. Like, really busy. The other part is that I've been a little bit worn down, so I just haven't made it to a post. 
A friend asked me a couple of weeks if I updated this blog lately. When I tried to explain myself, all I could say was that I haven't had anything to say. Several times I would come to write and couldn't find anything to write. So instead I would stare.
Stare at the blank box with that little blinking cursor. So here I am finally telling you that I've been struggling to find the words to say, well, anything!
I have a post idea in my head and I've kept taking pictures for Merry Mary Mondays. I just haven't managed to get them posted before I go to bed on Mondays. Like this picture from a post-Father's day post that never got written or poste…

Mall Fashion

Pop Rocks and I were at the mall to see a movie over the weekend. We got a snack at the food court and I had mine well before PR had his. I had some time to people watch and realized that I am so not into the fashion that I saw. Here are some of the highlights:
There was lots and lots of neon. Mostly on middle school girls. It would only really be cute on them it seems.
Shorts for girls are really short. (And unfortunately many women too!) Walking behind girls in these shorts is very irritating. There was one mom and daughter who met up in the food court to review what the daughter had purchased. There were three pairs of shorts in the bag. All ridiculously short. Also, one was neon yellow. NEON YELLOW SHORT SHORTS! As I watched the mom got more and more upset looking at these shorts. I saw her mouth the price to her daughter followed by a very upset phrase. When we passed the store, the shorts were on sale for $35! There wasn't even $5 worth of fabric on them!
There was one lady w…

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

So Pop Rocks and I were eagerly awaiting the premier of Snow White and the Huntsman. We don't often go to movies, so we were excited to get to the show. Some of our good friends came with us, the four of us go to lots of movies together it seems!
P.R. and I were the first ones in the very large theater. I think it was the largest theater in the cinema, so we were expecting a crowd. It was fun to get what we deemed the best seats in the house. The attendance in the theater was sparse. 
I really enjoyed the movie. It was a different twist on the classic fairy tale we all love. As you know, I love Once Upon A Time, so it was fun to see Snow White's story in another, completely different way.
I am not going to tell you the story, because I don't want to spoil it for you and there are trailers you can watch online. 
On our drive home that evening I realized how clean the movie was, in comparison to normal Hollywood fare. I decided to look it up on Focus on the Family's web…

Merry Mary Monday: 6.4.12

I took some photos of Mary this morning. She was huddled up with the blanket to protect her from the menacing winds of the ceiling fan.

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