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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Story Part Two

When we last left our heroine she had just received a mysterious phone call...

Well I answered the phone and it was not my friend, but it was Pop Rocks. He informed me that he went to purchase a ticket and was told that I had not purchased one. So he bought both of them. I promised to pay him back and he told me not to worry about it.

I began to wonder if this was more than "just friends."

I went to spend the weekend with my Grandmother. While I was there we went to the mall. I decided to look for a dress for the Jr/Sr and so we looked. I did indeed find a dress, but my Grandmother loved to tell how I was so excited, but adament that we were just friends. She could tell that it wasn't. She was such a smart lady!

When I got back to campus I went about my usual business and was coming out of a club meeting on Tuesday when my phone rang again. This time it was Pop Rocks, with whom I had exchanged numbers after a second phone call from a friends phone. He wanted to know if I wanted to get together and hang out that weekend. I agreed and we decided to go a movie. He called me back later in the week and added dinner. I wasn't totally sure that it was a date. I decided to wear khakis and a new top, but decided at the last minute to change into jeans. Right as I turned to change, he knocked on the door, wearing jeans of course.

The next weekend was Junior Senior and we had a wonderful time.

After that we pretty much hung out all the time! It was great. I love that we became such good friends before we dated. I also love that we found each other at church.

Our relationship came easy after that and four months later we were engaged. It felt like we had been together our entire lives.
Another random thing that I love about our relationship: I made a committment on that first date to be only myself. I figured I didn't really have anything yet to lose be being someone I'm not, so I just acted like myself. He did too and I think thats why our relationship was so wonderful, we were comfortable with ourselves in the relationship so we were comfortable together.


  1. I really like what you said about just being yourself from the beginning. That's good advice!

  2. I'm here from Modern Mrs. Darcy and I just wanted to say that your tale made me smile and gave me hope because I'm entering my senior year of college next week! I always think that meeting my husband is some abstract event largely in the future, but your post reminded me that it can happen at any moment!

  3. Emily! I am so glad that I can give you hope! I used to wonder if I had met my husband already and for most of my life (and most of college) I hadn't! Enjoy it though! I wish that I had spent more time hanging out with my girlfriends and soaking up life before marriage. Its always hard to remember to enjoy the stage of life we are in, instead of anticipating the next stage!


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