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Our Story

So I shared Mary's story earlier in the week, but Pop Rocks and I are celebrating our fourth anniversary this week as well, and I thought I would share how we met.

The short answer of how we met is at church, specifically in Sunday School. But I thought I would share the long answer....

I was trying out a new church my senior year of college with a couple of friend. I walked into Sunday School and knew most everyone in the class from school. There were a few people I didn't know specifically a guy and a girl. They were sitting with each other and really hanging out with each other like good friends or, you know, a couple. Of course I assumed they were a couple and made a note. I wasn't really looking for a boyfriend as I am sure I had a crush on someone else at the time.

Well there was also a college Bible study after church on Wednesday's. I decided, at the prompting of friends, to start attending that as well. I decided to do so and since we often rode to church together I would attend the adult service each time. As you might know, the adult service is usually the first one over and so I would be the first one to the Bible study. Well Pop Rocks also attended the Bible Study and he started showing up early. We would talk and get to know each other and were becoming friends. (He was not in a couple with the cute blond girl, just really good friends, like from childhood friends.)

The spring Jr/Sr formal came around and I really wanted to attend with my friends, but they were pretty much all going in couples. I was not going to go without a date and none of the dates I thought I might have were looking promising.

One day, Pop Rocks abnormally decided to sit with our friends in chapel, His younger brother was with him. The three of us ended up walking out of chapel together. (Its odd that I was even in chapel, because I had a partial exemption that semester.... strange.) When we walked out it struck me that Pop Rocks was also invited to the Jr/Sr, so I decided to see if he was planning to go. He lived off campus and had not, in fact, received the invitation that was sent to his on campus mailbox. So I explained what it was, but he was uninterested. So I did the next best thing and asked his brother if he wanted to go with me (as friends, of course). He politely declined and out of nowhere, Pop Rocks face lit up and he agreed to go with me, as friends, of course.

I had promised to purchase my ticket that night at dinner, but got caught up talking to a friend about the whole "situation" and missed the ticket sales. I had to work the next day and was not going to be able to purchase one during the day. I was sitting in my office when my cell phone rang. It was a mutual friend of mine and Pop Rocks who, to my knowledge, had never called before....


Part 2

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  1. I love hearing how people's love stories begin. Thanks for sharing the beginning of yours!


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