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Monday, July 30, 2012

Merry Mary Monday: 7.30.12

This week we will celebrate the second anniversary of Mary's arrival in our life. since I have never shared how she got to be a part of our family I thought I would give you the quick run down.

So Pop Rocks and I were approaching our second anniversary and we had moved into our house earlier in the year. Pop Rocks had a wonderful dog while we were dating (an English Bulldog) and first married. We both wanted a dog, but when we lived in an apartment it was neither feasible or practical. We lived on the third floor!

Anyway, we had our own place and we knew that we could get a dog, but we also had to make sure that we could take care of a dog. Well we had been thinking about it and I mentioned it to a good friend of mine, but nothing really came of it. Plus we hadn't committed enough to the idea of it to really do anything about (like check out a shelter, etc.).

A couple weeks later the same friend and I are talking and she mentioned that her neighbor had a dog for whom he was looking a new home. He was a wonderful pet owner, but was having to travel A LOT for work and she was having to be kenneled A LOT, so he wanted her to have a better home. I perked up and asked her about it. She gave me what information she had and agreed to broker a meeting for us after I talked to Pop Rocks.

Pop Rocks and I agreed with the neighbor to meet his dog and see if she would be a good fit for our life.

We arrived at his condo the following Sunday still a bit unsure if we were ready for this big step. We knocked on the door and heard a small bark from a dog that was obviously going crazy. He opened the door and there was Mary!

She was so cute and soooooo hyper that day. We spent about an hour over there and through the course of the time we agreed to take her on a trial basis to see if we wanted to keep her. He gave us her vet information in case we wanted to get her checked out.

Well we took her over to Josh's parents (the bulldog has since passed away - it was super sad) and they liked her too! We knew by the time we got her home that she was going to stay. I couldn't have imagined being parted from her! She is so precious and wonderful and is such an important part of our lives!

Here are two pictures he shared with us from when she was just a teeny tiny puppy...

She had to grow into those ears and her bowl, apparently :)

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