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This One Time...

Not to long ago I was telling Pop Rocks about a horrible customer service experience I had many years ago at a certain home improvement warehouse. I don't want to name names, but you should know that I absolutely love Lowe's and have had great experiences with Ace Hardware.

This particular incident involved me trying to take back something that I had not purchased. It was for my job at the time and a co-worker had purchased something. When we started using it there were only about 50 feet of wire in the box versus the 250 feet we had purchased. (This part isn't the point.)

Well I showed up at customer service and explained what had happened. I wasn't actually returning anything, because we had already used what little was actually in the box. I explained my situation to the cashier, fully expecting to be taken care of in a courteous manner. And I was, by the cashier, but he explained that because it was a refund of over a certain amount he would have to get it approved. 

I fully understood. My other job at the time was in retail and I wasn't concerned. I knew I was right and I was being honest so it didn't bother me.

The "manager" that came to approve the transaction walked up with her arms folded across her chest. She looked at me with a smug look and said, "I'm sorry we can't help you." 

I had not told her anything about what I was doing. I hadn't had a chance to explain. She just walked up and gave me a rude, haughty answer. Had she been kind and understanding towards me I probably would have taken what she said and left. But I was not going to be treated like scum.

I proceeded to tell her the entire story over again. After which she called the associate from the department who came over and backed her up. She never uncrossed her arms. So I did what my mother told me to do if ever I felt I wasn't being heard. I asked for the manager. 

She said, "Well, I'm the head cashier. I can make this decision." 

I said that I would still like to speak to the manager. She explained that they were all in a meeting.

This is the part that Pop Rocks couldn't believe, but it really did happen. I looked her in the eye and said, "Well, you can go get one out of the meeting or I can stand here and wait until they are done." She huffed and she puffed and she walked away to get a manager.

I guess that in the time she took to get said manager she told him my story with her commentary. The manager walked up and basically said the same thing. "We can't help you." He also didn't want to listen to my story and he refused to budge from his stance. I don't know if he had his arms crossed the whole time, but his facial expressions told me he wouldn't help me.

The cashier, who was so kind, felt horrible that I was being treated that way. I went back to work and explained what had happened to my boss. He told me to find the stores phone number which was easily done with the receipt for the item I had to purchase while I was there. He immediately got on the phone and asked for the manager. The manager was the same one that I had talked to and my boss gave him a very stern talking to. They refunded our money. 

That is why I prefer Lowe's. I have always been treated kindly there and have never felt like I was stupid because of my age or gender. I felt like I should share this story here for you to know.


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