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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mall Fashion

Pop Rocks and I were at the mall to see a movie over the weekend. We got a snack at the food court and I had mine well before PR had his. I had some time to people watch and realized that I am so not into the fashion that I saw. Here are some of the highlights:

  • There was lots and lots of neon. Mostly on middle school girls. It would only really be cute on them it seems.
  • Shorts for girls are really short. (And unfortunately many women too!) Walking behind girls in these shorts is very irritating. There was one mom and daughter who met up in the food court to review what the daughter had purchased. There were three pairs of shorts in the bag. All ridiculously short. Also, one was neon yellow. NEON YELLOW SHORT SHORTS! As I watched the mom got more and more upset looking at these shorts. I saw her mouth the price to her daughter followed by a very upset phrase. When we passed the store, the shorts were on sale for $35! There wasn't even $5 worth of fabric on them!
  • There was one lady wearing all white from her draping sweater over white tank with a white bohemian skirt and white espadrilles. I am serious. It was so bad.
  • There was lots of hair dyed crazy colors. Mostly it was just the tips or a stripe. I like this look and wish I could pull it off without looking like I was trying to hard. Also, there was a Journey's concert thing going on so it could've had to do with all the skater kids at the mall.
  • There were tattoos every where. PR and I noticed this when we were in Jamaica as well, but it seems that I see tattoos on more that 50% of grown people anymore. Even people who don't fit the typical has a tattoo stereotype.
  • I saw a pair of high waisted leopard print pants. I hope I never see such a sight again. It was awful.
  • The funniest to me was a classy looking older lady. She was wearing a nice white shirt with a good looking khaki skirt. But then, she had on a pair of PURPLE Tom's' shoes. It just didn't fit. 

All in all it made me thankful that I don't care that much about fashion. To each their own. As long as it isn't offensive (I would argue that short shorts are) I'm fine with it. It is just interesting to sit back and observe.

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