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Monday, April 9, 2012

Merry Mary Monday: 4.9.12

This party is brought to you via Instagram for Android.

This is Mary in her bed. We affectionately call it her "Baked Potato and Chives." This happened because when she get curled up under there with the green blanket on her, its looks just like a side dish.

Mary likes to snuggle in my quilt. Here she is on the couch Saturday night. 


This happened last night. Mary had a tiring day of napping, then going to her Mimi and Pa's house where she got to see lots of family. Plus there was an egg hunt that was so much fun. 

When we got home Mary was so tuckered out that she pretty much just laid on the couch snuggled with Pop Rocks with her legs stuck out of the blanket.


  1. It was really funny, last night. I laughed as I grabbed my phone!


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