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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Word for Wednesday: Provision

Pop Rocks has been having to work on Sunday mornings a lot lately. Its been hard on us not being able to go to church together for 5 months or so. We finally came to the decision that we would find a church to attend on Saturday evenings together. I would continue to attend our church (that we love) on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We just needed to be worshiping together. That very week his manager started a Sunday work rotation of his team. That means that we have been able to go to church together. 

I had forgotten that God cares that His children spend time with Him. He provides for us in ways we don't imagine. I could have easily assumed his provision was that we live in a town that has three churches (that I found) with Saturday evening services. Instead his provision came another way. 

I was reminded of this today as I read Anne's post: I tend to think I am alone on this journey. But there are others traveling with me. Helping me and struggling in the same ways I am. God's provision will come differently for each of us, but still it will come. 

So don't think that God won't provide for you, know that he will. In His time. In His way. With His love.

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