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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Music Makes the Show

So when I was a senior in high school a new show started on the WB. That little show is One Tree Hill. I have always liked the show when I watched it, but I have never been a loyal viewer. I have been watching it on Netflix for the past while and I have to say, its been fun to watch. The main characters on the show are currently where I am so the past episodes involve things that were going on in my life too.

The best part though has been the music. The show has a fun and wonderful score that often reminds me of times in college or when I was first on my own. I recently found this website which shows you all of the music from each episode. Its great when you hear a song that you love and want to download it. Anyway, just a random tidbit for this Thursday.


  1. Thanks for linking to that! I want to find and download all the music after every OTH episode I see, but I always forget to look it up.

    1. I know... I tend to watch lots of shows in a row and then forget which show it was on...

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