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Friday, February 3, 2012

Its the Small Things: This is Why I'm Here

So a quick funny story for your Friday.

On Wednesday night we were doing an activity where the kids were acting out some scenes that they had been given. One of the kids was "overlooked" and the other one had to come up with a way to honor them. Only the overlooked part was scripted. One of the groups of boys asked me, "Can we have a flash mob?"

My answer of course was, "No. You don't need a flash mob, be more realistic."

When it came there turn the overlooked kid was not good at math and got frustrated. The other one honored him with a flash mob with the three words, "Don't Stop Believing." There is no way that they know its one of my favorite songs. They didn't even know more lyrics than those three. There was definitely a hand in the air and some hip movement. HILARIOUS!

It was not like this:

So Thursday morning I'm driving to work and what comes on the radio? Journey's Don't Stop Believing. 

And I cracked up in my car, alone. Then I realized, this is why I love working with my kids.

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