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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life on Oriental Avenue

Over Christmas my brother's then-girlfriend, now fiance, called to tell me that she had played Monopoly with my mom and brother. My response, "You didn't let him be the banker did you?"

When we were kids and the two of us would play the banker always ripped me off. At least I just knew he did - lets call it youngest child syndrome. I learned a lot from Monopoly. Mostly I learned that if you held onto what you had and didn't make crazy trades or flip those property cards over you could do okay. Sure I didn't win, but at least I was humiliated. 

I was thinking last night as I drove home about how playing Monopoly gave me a leg up in understanding money and property. My parents have always been pretty open about money and gave us a lot of important lessons about using it. Money as a tool, not a commodity is a big lesson. 

Its funny how a family tradition can shape our worldview on really important matters. I really appreciate my parents for teaching me these important lessons.

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  1. Definitely neat that your parents used that game to teach you about money!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. =) I've never seen laffy taffy like that either...usually the bigger sticks, but this stuff was easier to bite off!


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