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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finish Year

This year is Finish Year over on Jon Acuff's blog. If you don't know who Jon Acuff is then you definitely need to go check out his blogs. Stuff Christian's Like keeps me laughing. Back to Finish Year. This was his idea to get people to actually finish their resolutions and goals for the new year. On Tuesday he asked those participating to write down their goals and take picture of it. I wasn't going to participate until I read this blog and decided, oh hey, why not? So here's mine:


Sorry for the blurry picture... it does prove that I wrote them down. I even taped them to the front of my calendar so that I always know where they are. Here's what they say:
  • Read through the Bible.
  • Start a creative venture to help others.
  • Keep the house clean.
  • Read two books a month and blog about them.
  • Blog at least 5 times a week.
So its already January 4th and I've only really started on one of these. I love fiction, so here's my question: Do you have any suggestions for me?
P.S. I've already read The Hunger Games, The Help and The Twilight Series.


  1. Are we friends on Goodreads? I have a ton of recommendations over there!

  2. Brenda, we are most definitely friends on there. I haven't used it much, I joined when Living Social dropped its Virtual Bookshelf. I need to dig into it.


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