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So the Advent season started on Sunday and tomorrow will start the Advent calendar. I loved ours as a child. It was a story of a bear and you moved him through the house for the 24 days before Christmas.

I thought I would do my best to celebrate Advent this year with 24 different Christmas themed blog posts. You will have to tune each day to see what it is. There will be lots of Christmas songs along the way. Neat gift ideas and other exciting features.

There won't be a Word for Wednesday post this week unless you count Advent.

I was inspired by some pretty cool Advent calendars on the interwebs.

One was this Advent Calendar with how to make instructions from The Lettered Cottage. This is a great and fun blog.

This is a really cool advent calendar that is available for purchase from Jessi at Naptime Diaries. I am a new reader of her blog and her prints are awesome... they might just show up in a gift post. I especially love her Christmas Cards. And it doesn't hurt that she lives …

Merry Mary Monday: 11.28.11

Mary had a very restful holiday. We were on the couch together watching TV the other night.  I got up to do something real quick and saw this.

I pulled the blanket back to make sure the rest of her was there.

She wasn't so sure about this idea of not having the blanket around her.

So I put it back. I felt like she needed a pillow though so I folded the other blanket a few times and put it under her head. She was content until she went to bed that night.

Yes, Mary had a very restful holiday.

Week of Thanks: Friends are Friends Forever

I know I've told you, but I have the most amazing friends in the world. They keep me grounded, but build me up. They encourage me and love me. They pray for me. Do you know how much better your life is when someone prays for you?

I realize that maybe I don't say enough how thankful I am for my friends. I truly am so thankful. It is incredible to share the journey of life with them.

Let me tell you about my friends.

Some are younger than me. Some are older than me. Both help me keep my perspective. The younger ones allow me to remember what it was like to be innocent and optimistic. The older ones share wisdom and a shoulder to lean on.

Some are married. Some are not. Both are important.

Some are very similar to me. Some are very different. Both help me in different ways. Either to gain perspective or to keep me grounded where I need to be.

Today, I am thankful for all my friends. If you are reading this and wondering if I mean you - I do!

Week of Thanks: Pop

I am so thankful for Pop Rocks! He is an incredible man. He is loving and kind.

He is a hard worker. He does whatever needs doing.

He is a rock in hard times and the msot wonderful husband I could ever ask want.

He is magnificent.

My Sister-in-Law was kind enough to share this with me so I thought I would share it with you!

Week of Thanks: Today

I am thankful for my family. We will spend the day with Pop Rock's family. They treat me like one of their own. Its beautiful. To them I am a daughter and a sister and an aunt.

I am thankful for my parents. They are wonderful. Even though they are far away they are there for me. They love me more than I understand. To them I am a daughter and an integral part of their lives.
(Happy Birthday, Daddy!)

I am thankful for my brother. It is a magnificent thing to have an older brother. He is someone I know is always on my side. To him I am a little sister, the one to plan with.

I am thankful!

I am very very very thankful.

Week of Thanks: Beauty

I am so thankful for the beauty in the world. Pop Rocks and I recently had the opportunity to spend some time in God's beautiful creation. It was a wonderful time. God's amazing creativity in creation never ceases to awe me. There is so much that God has done in our world that it causes me to fall in love with Him more and more.

(Hacked from my BIL's facebook)
There is also so much beauty in the people too. When I see the beauty in people it makes me wonder how sometimes I don't let myself be beautiful! There is so much love inside of people. It means so much to see people be kind and loving to others. If I could be more beautiful surely more people would see the beauty of God and find Him.

What do you find beautiful? What does it mean to you?

Week of Thanks: My Job

I am thankful, today for my job. During this recession it has been a great relief to have a steady job. It is also wonderful to have a job that allows me flexibility. I have had to leave today to come home to take care of some plumbing issues at the house. It was a huge blessing to have the flexibility to do so.

I also have the most wonderful co-workers. They not only help with work, but they care about me as a person. They really care. It means something to go to work each day with your friends.

What are you thankful for today?

Week of Thanks: Merry Mary Monday

I'm sure its no surprise to anyone that I am thankful for Mary.

When Mary is out of her crate when I get home. She runs as fast as she can to the door and won't stop jumping and barking until I pick her up.

Lately, in the mornings Mary has started this new thing. When I go to get her up to go outside,. She stretches out her one paw to me. If I take it and stroke it she gets up, if I don't she tries again.

She is the most wonderful and precious companion. This weekend she was around a couple of active bigger dogs. She would have done anything to get to run with them. She didn't get too, I'm too afraid she'll wander off and they would have totally crushed her.
Mary looked at herself in the mirror this weekend for the first time since we've had her. She couldn't take her eyes off herself. It was like she figured out for the first time that she looks different from me and Pop Rocks.

I love Mary and the joy she brings to us on a daily basis. She is our preciou…

Well Hello There!

I've been a little MIA as of late. My life has required me to be more "IA" than normal lately. I've had a lot of balls in the air trying to juggle them and I had to let this one drop. I am planning on trying to do a WeekofThanks again this year. Maybe I can successfully complete it this time! 
There is another reason I haven't really be blogging much. I like to keep things here positive. Lately, I've been in a funk and kind of negative in my thinking. I realized last night that I should have been using the blog for some positive thinking! 
I did manage to do a "photoshoot" of Mary so look for some pictures on Monday
Anyway, I hope you are all doing well. Lets catch up! Whats been going on in your world?

Sunday's Song: Where I Belong

So today's song is one that is rather new. Somehow though it sums up the anthem that has been in my heart for awhile now. 
All I know is I'm not home yet. This is not where I belong Take this world and give me Jesus This is not where I belong.
I find myself yelling singing this as loud as possible while banging the steering wheel. I just had to share. You can listen to Building 429's song on their website, along with most of their album. I should also mention that these guys played a concert at Tennessee District Camp for the Church of the Nazarene. Pop Rocks and I met them after the concert and they are genuinely nice guys with an amazing heart.
There is also a cool video of them playing the song live. It looks like it is in their recording company's office. Check it out: