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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Worst Christmas Songs Ever: A random old one

This post includes a song that probably isn't something you want your kids to listen to quite yet.

So I thought it would be fun to think of some of the worst Christmas songs...

I heard this the other morning on my way to work. It was on a station that plays all Christmas music all day and Deliliah in the evening. (BTdubs.... I LOVE DELILIAH!!!)

I listened to the whole thing because.

1. Traffic was really bad.
2. I couldn't believe this song made it to the radio.
3. I couldn't believe this song was considered a Christmas song.
4. I was getting more and more depressed.
5. Traffice was really - it took me an hour to get to work - bad.

Without further ado, my first entry into worst Christmas songs ever....

So if you are work and can't listen to the song or don't want to for the any or all of the reasons listed above. (There are subtitles or you can just google the lyrics: Dan Fogelberg: Same Old Lang Syne.)

This guy runs into his old flame at the grocery on Christmas Eve and they get to talking and she is married to someone else that takes care of her but she doesn't love. They want to get a drink, but all the bars are closed (must be a 24 hour grocery) so they get a 6 pack and share it in her car....

All it has to do with Christmas is the day of the year it happens.


Oh and if you are really bored, go read the comments on YouTube.


  1. Wow. :|

    There are plenty of bad Christmas songs either. I also don't like the ones that obviously exist SOLELY to elicit an emotional reaction. :P You know what I mean.


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