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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Word for Wednesday: Peace

Each year, about this time peace becomes my greatest desire for Christmas. The song that I shared on Sunday invites the Carolers to, "come and join with the angels singing, 'Peace on the Earth.'" The kids are singing this song in our Christmas musical on Sunday and their motion for peace is to make an X with their arms and bring them down in a calming motion. To watch them do it, shows you exactly what peace is.

I sometimes have a hard time understanding the deeper levels of particular themes. For example, I never totally got why Christmas was a time of peace. It would seem to me that it would be a time of turmoil.

For Mary, turmoil that she was unwed and having a child miraculously. She would have to travel from home on a donkey's back while pregnant.

For Joseph, turmoil that he believed Mary and her story about a miracle (I'm sure a visit from an angel helped him to believe) and he would still marry her.

For the couple, turmoil that they were going to deliver a baby on their own in a STABLE!

For the nation, turmoil that Herod killed every baby under two.

For Herod, turmoil that a new King was on the scene.

For the Shepherd, turmoil when a multitude of angels just showed up.

For the Wisemen, turmoil that a mysterious star in the east that drew them to follow it. (And that they were following a star for no quickly apparent reason.)

For us, turmoil that the Christmas season is busy. And hard. And filled with drama. And we're busy. And expectations are high. And we're busy. And expectations go unmet. And we're busy.

But yet it is a season of peace. I think this relates to Peter walking on the water. He just jumped out of a boat when the sea is in turmoil. He was walking on the water towards Jesus. But the reality of the situation sunk in, rather than the miracle and he took his eyes off of Jesus. As soon as he did, he began to sink. Jesus saved him they made it to the boat
Like Peter, when we take our eyes off of the miracle of Jesus' birth we are filled with turmoil. But when we fix our eyes upon Jesus peace that doesn't make sense fills us. We are focused on what matters and we are calm.

I hope that you are able to find peace admist the bustle of this holiday season. If you have a hard time, focus on Jesus. See if you can find him where you least expect him!



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  1. Excellent thoughts!

    I think it's also important to really prioritize at Christmastime rather than say yes to everything. It's hard to do though!


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