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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Dinner

No Word for Wednesday, but here's the update on Christmas dinner...

I wasn't really thinking to do anything too fancy for Christmas dinner. I had originally planned to put a pot roast in the crockpot and make sweet potato casserole...

Well my arm was twisted I was convinced to cook a standing rib roast and then Pop Rocks got us some shrimp as well. That encouraged me to fancy up the table...

I changed out the vase on the table (the tall one makes it hard to talk to each other) and used a bowl that my maternal Grandmother gave us for an engagement present. I added my China to the table. Then I added the silver from my paternal Grandmother. The glasses were a gift from Pop Rock's paternal Grandmother and the dessert plates on top were a gift this year from his maternal Grandmother via his mom this Christmas.

It made for a really pretty place setting. Oh, and see that extra fork? To the top left of this plate? It was from my mom's house when she gave me some flatware for my first apartment in college. This little fork never made it home and now lives with our other flatware. It makes me smile whenever I see it.

Nothing was deterring me from sweet potato casserole. I generally only have it at the holidays and I didn't want to miss out. I used my mom's recipe.

It was in a cookbook that was from my church growing up, but I must have gotten the book from my Grandmother's house because it isn't my mom's copy.

If you haven't had this casserole, in my opinion, you haven't lived. Or at least haven't celebrated the holidays with me.

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