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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chris-Myth Busters

Say that 10 times fast.

That was the name of our program this year. It was wonderful! I so enjoy spending time with kids to put the program together each year. 

We had dress rehearsal Saturday and the performance was Sunday morning. The program was phenomenal. Our kids do an amazing job each year and I am always so proud of them. 

The only glitch this year was when there was a power surge in the middle of one of the scenes. It caused the mics to go out and the kids had to be really loud. It only lasted a few lines. 

There were no forgotten lines this year which is awesome. I am always amazed by the kids in the programs at the way they memorize their parts, but this years group blew me away. They had basically the whole thing memorized by the second practice. This meant we got to spend more time on the acting part rather than learning the lines.

All of the kids did a great job. It was funny and had a great message too! I'm going to dig into the message tomorrow.

I'm in the Christmas spirit now!

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  1. The acting was excellent! You and the kids did a great job. :)


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