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Friday, December 2, 2011

All I want for Christmas

So there isn't much on my Christmas list this year. In fact, I've only come up with two things of note and one for fun Cheer and Joy.

1. An air mattress. If you ever come to see us and you bring more people than will fit in our guest bed (2) and our couch (1) you will be glad that I asked for this. This would be helpful as it would allow for my whole family to come visit and hopefully stay comfortably.

Also... I chaperone on preteen retreats, maybe you remember. I need an air mattress on those nights. Thankfully this year I was able to borrow one for each the retreats I attended, but concrete floors are no good once you are over the age of 12.

2. A travel tumbler. The ones with the lid and the straw....

Custom Personalized 3 Color Tumbler    Paisley Initial Acrylic Travel Tumbler CUP

Yeah that one!

So these are on sale right now at Squiggly Doodles. Its my cousin's store. She has them personalized for $10. Amazing deal right! You can also find her on Etsy.

3. Blackout curtains. There is a streetlight in between our yard and our next door neighbors. It shines in our window and onto our bed right across my pillow. It has been super bad lately. Also if you get me this gift, please know that I will also need someone to come hang said curtains, since I don't know how.

I am writing this on Thursday night and there is a miniature dog laying across me wanting nothing more than to be held, so I guess I better go... What do you want for Christmas this year?

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