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Monday, November 21, 2011

Week of Thanks: Merry Mary Monday

I'm sure its no surprise to anyone that I am thankful for Mary.


When Mary is out of her crate when I get home. She runs as fast as she can to the door and won't stop jumping and barking until I pick her up.


Lately, in the mornings Mary has started this new thing. When I go to get her up to go outside,. She stretches out her one paw to me. If I take it and stroke it she gets up, if I don't she tries again.


She is the most wonderful and precious companion. This weekend she was around a couple of active bigger dogs. She would have done anything to get to run with them. She didn't get too, I'm too afraid she'll wander off and they would have totally crushed her.

Mary looked at herself in the mirror this weekend for the first time since we've had her. She couldn't take her eyes off herself. It was like she figured out for the first time that she looks different from me and Pop Rocks.


I love Mary and the joy she brings to us on a daily basis. She is our precious Min Pin!

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