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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Tribute

When we were kids he could make you laugh, hard. Very hard. He was genuinely funny and caring too. He didn't make jokes at anyone's expense.

Now, he's gone. Still just a kid. A whole life left to live and now he is gone. I've wracked my brain with a way to give a fitting tribute to someone who will always be in my memories. There isn't a youth group event or trip that won't have him in it. Because he was there, my friend.

It doesn't make sense to me and I doubt it ever will. How can it?

He was kind, cheerful, patient and funny. He was genuine and young. He was full of life. And now he is gone. 

He will live on in our memories. Where there is no pain and the heartache hasn't yet come. We will always have love.

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