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Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm a Dork

Yes, its true. I'm a dork. Its not like I didn't know already, but I got a good reminder of it yesterday.

We've been having events everyday this week and I was working at the one yesterday afternoon. Well, I needed to run an errand and was walking up the hill to our co-sponsor's office. There were some girls from that office walking down to the event. And some guys from that office walking along behind me. One of the girls waved and said hello. I thought I might know her but wasn't sure (I don't) so I waved back and gave a very friendly hello.

She was waving at the guys. It was like being in high school and you think the popular girl is saying hello to you, but really its the quarterback from the football team.... exactly like that actually.

Plus, I'm pretty sure I heard them all laughing at me after I passed. I just kept walking - laughing at my own dorkiness.

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