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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Farmville, Preschool, and Friendship

I like playing games on Facebook. Maybe you don't, they're not the point of this blog post. I just wanted to share some perspective on why preschool matters. 

To succeed at games on Facebook you must either have friends that also play the same game or be willing to sink real money into games that don't really matter. I'm not willing to use my money for that. I am willing however to click as many requests for random things as I can each day. Why? Because things are more fun when you are getting what you need. 

Back to preschool... remember when we learned about sharing? Sharing is caring and all of that jazz. Well, its this same concept. In order to be successful at friendship we have to give and take equally. So awhile ago, I was chaperoning a retreat and while there met a life coach. He and I were talking about things and ended up on the topic of friendship. He said that if you have one good friend you are doing well in life and if you have two, then you should count yourself successful. He also talked about how refreshing it is when you are part of a friendship that is reciprocated - you don't do all the work, but it is shared evenly. 

Go hug a friend today! They are one of life's greatest treasures.

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