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Sometimes you have to Play Catch-up

I realize that its been awhile. I had a post written that I never posted. Maybe I'll post it soon, I have to think about it some more. A lot has happened lately and I've been meaning to write. I guess I might as well start with something exciting....
I went to see Taylor Swift if concert two point 5 weeks ago. It was amazing! I went with my friends Debra and Brenda. For a complete run down with awesome pics (including yours truly) check out Brenda's post. I, as usual, only had a cell phone. (ps... you should follow her blog - its lots of fun!)
The other night I went with a group of friends to see the Lion King in 3D. It was one of the Disney movies I remember seeing in the theaters as a kid - back when movies were affordable. It was a great time and it was fun to watch a childhood movie in a different way. The 3D was cool, but not really all that exciting. There was only a few parts where things were actually floating in front of your face or looked like you could touch t…

Merry Mary Monday: 9.19.11

Mary's impression of the movie Tangled!

Merry Mary Monday: Weekend Update Edition

Mary and I had some quality snuggle time on the couch this weekend. I thought I would show the progression of how Mary snuggles....
This was the beginning of the night she was right next to me, but under the bigger blanket...

 She moved away from me and burrowed under the big blanket, just to most of her body out.  I guess she got hot.

Eventually I looked over and saw this. I call it her hide-and-seek-If-I-act-like-I-don't-need-attention-maybe-I'll-get-some method.

Sorry for the cell phone pictures, but that is all I had.