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Sunday's Song: 7.31.11

I like Switchfoot.
I have since college and then I saw them in concert. And the lead singer climbed the tall thing that holds the stag up. It was crazy.
Their song, "Meant to Live" always encourages me. It encourages me to lose myself and get over myself. So I thought I would share it today. Enjoy!

Saturday Siteseeing: Pinterest Edition

So I am in love with Pinterest! I have been pinning lots of fun craft and goody ideas. I've even put a few into practice! I can't wait to show you those next week. I have taken pictures, but I keep forgetting to upload them to Pop Rock's computer. Are you on pinterest? You should be...
If you are on there, what have you found on Pinterest that you have made/bought/sought/read/created that you saw there first?

Book Review: The Hunger Games

Over vacation I read the first two books of The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. I left the third book at home because I figured there was no way I would finish all three on vacation then I started reading. I read the first two books in about a day each. Then I had a week before I could get my hands on the third one. It was  torture! (Via*)
The books follow the story of a young heroine who is made a tribute in the Hunger Games. That means that she has to fight to the death in an arena that can throw anything at her at any time. What follows is one of the most exciting and exhilarating reads I have experienced in a long time. I basically did not want to put the books down once I had picked them up. The action started pretty near the beginning and carried through the whole book. 
In fact, when I was reading the last book, I stopped for the night in the middle of the action. I should have kept reading, because I was so curious about how everything was going to end that I couldn…

A Whisper

You know those times that you need to hear from God and you can't seem to find the right way? Sometimes it seems to come as a whisper. Lately it has seemed like I need the whisper. I can turn the radio on and get the yelling. I need that too, I do enough of my own yelling it seems like. I can listen to other people in my life and hear the demanding. I do enough of that with God too. 
It takes those moments when I tune everything out and let it all go for the whisper to come. I have to leave everything in His hands. I have to stop trying to fix it myself. I know that people always say things like this. "To let go and let God." "We have to come to the end of ourselves for God to begin." etc. etc. etc. But lately the lesson I have been learning is to just give up and trust God.
That isn't to say that I have given everything up and have fully surrendered to God. Unfortunately, it seems like as soon as I give something up I take it back again. But when I sto…

Christmas in July

I am aware that Christmas in July was technically yesterday, but I've been thinking/working on it for a bit now. I am usually more of a procrastinator than a planner, but this year I am trying hard to plan ahead. This will help both financially and in better thought out gifts. I tend to come up with ideas for gifts throughout the year and then forget to write them down. Consequently when it comes time to purchase gifts, I have no good ideas. This year I am determined to be different!
I actually decided to make some of the gifts that I am giving and that takes practice. Have I mentioned yet that I love Pinterest? (Well, I do. You can find my boards on there and see some of things I love. Not yet a member? I have 5 invitations to pass along and will give them to the first five people to comment below. I will need your email address, but can get it from you another way if needed.) I have used it to find lots of great craft projects (like the picture above) that I am hoping to do …

Merry Mary Monday: 7.25.11

I don't have a picture today, but I can share a funny story. Last night Mary and I were watching TV. I was looking around for the remote and bother Mary. See, she was curled up under my blanket and might have been drifting off to sleep. (If she's in this state the slightest touch startles her.) 
Apparently I bothered her and she whipped her head out of the blanket and around to look at me. Well, the blanket was covering half of her face and only her one eye was visible. To make it funnier, the white of her eye was showing and she looked crazy. I laughed at her.
Has your pet ever made you laugh out loud?

Sunday's Song: 7.23.11

Francesca Battistelli - Beautiful Beautiful*

This song always makes me cry, only if I listen to it from the beginning. Pop Rocks thinks I'm weird because of it. I don't care and tell him its a girl thing, he wouldn't understand anyway. I think I've said it before, but the only ones who knows me on the inside are me and God. Everyone else only knows what I choose to reveal to them. This song talks about how God takes our uglyness and makes it beautiful!

The first line: "Don't know how it is you looked at me and saw the person that I could be." Just gets to me. I hope that it means something to you too! 

*The official video can't be embedded, so you will have to go Youtube to check it out!

Reese Update


So I watched The Man in the Moon over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie is a sweet and sad story about a girls coming of age. It is set in the '50's (maybe) and is very engaging story. Reese Witherspoon plays 14 year old Danny who falls in love with the son of an old friend of her parents. 
This was one of her first movies and she does a great job. Her southern heritage shines through in her true accent (think Sweet Home Alabama) and she seems sweet and innocent. I don't want to ruin the movie even if it is about 20 years old, so check it out! It is rated PG-13 but I think it more appropriate for a slightly older audience. 
It also stars Sam Waterston (think Law and Order) and Jason London.

Its Wednesday

Life has been really busy lately. Last weekend I helped out with the preteen retreat at church. Its one of my most favorite events in the children's department. I love the preteen age group. They are thoughtful and fun. I had a blast. 

When we got to devotions the first night one of the kids came up to me and said, "I finished Dueteronomy!" (At least I think it was Dueteronomy and I hopeI spelled it right.) I was really confused and then he showed me his worn out read through the Bible page. It sure was marked off through Dueteronomy. (You read through other parts of the Bible at the same time.) I was so proud of him! I have unfortunately let mine go. I was encouraged to go pick mine back up and start again. If he can make it through Dueteronomy, I sure can try harder!

So I am not going to be leading in the kids department at church on Wednesday night once the new school year starts. I'll still be helping and involved, just not leading the service. Consequently I need…

Dear Monday: An Open Letter from Tuesday

Dear Monday,

Thanks for all you did. You helped me to forget purse at home, and not realize it until I was already parked at work. I didn't have plans this messed up, at all, really, I promise.

You know, Sunday helped me to remember to put more tea bags in my bag for my 2:30 feeling. They were at home. When I was exhausted. With a headache. Oh yeah, any soda money I had was there too!

Monday, you always get me down. I wish I could end this standing date we have each week. But, I can't. I'm required to see you each week, something about it means that I get to keep going, on to Tuesday.

Well, today is Tuesday and here I am. I don't have to worry about you for awhile now, Monday. 

Good luck this week. I won't miss you!


Merry Mary Monday - 7.18.11

Nobody's spoiled here.


So its been one of those weeks. It started with a bang and is going full force. I have been meaning to get a post up, but it just hasn't happened. I probably won't get one up until this weekend. So to all of you faithful followers I'm sorry. To the rest of you, why aren't you following me? Its easy to do, so go check it out. Then you can get all of my posts in your Google reader! 
I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Vacation 2011

Pop Rocks, Mary and I went on vacation last week in Myrtle Beach with my family. It was a great at time filled with lots of fun and exciting times. We went to the beach several times and one day I even got in the water. Something fairly unusual for me.

Mary was our fuzzy little alarm clock that didn’t let us sleep in much during the week. She did well with the travel. Unfortunately, she was a little bratty at meal time, which drove me crazy. Overall though, I thinks she really enjoyed herself especially all of the extra attention and cuddle time with her grandparents and uncle.  

We played several rounds of miniature golf and as always we had a great time. Pop Rocks and I even won the couples open - thanks to him, I still had the worst personal score.

The boys went fishing one day and the girls went shopping. I got some cute clothes including a super adorable purple plaid summer shirt. I’ll have to post a picture of me wearing it soon.

One of my favorite parts of Myrtle B…


In the past week or so I have overheard three different things out of parents mouths that both shocked and hurt me, not to mention their kids.
The first was uttered by a mom at the pool where we stayed on vacation (I'll be working on that post). Her very pretty 5 - 6 year old daughter had been playing with another, slightly older girl. I mentioned to Pop Rocks that the older girl was being a bully to the younger girl. It should also be noted that the majority of the time we were in the pool (about 20 minutes) the younger girls mom was not there, just the older girls parents. Well when the mom got back the older girl got in trouble for being mean. We had gotten out of the pool to dry off by this point and the younger girl was alone in the pool. Well when you are 5 or 6 being in the pool alone is no fun, so she asked her mom if they could go home. The mom says to the girl, "You need to swim around and exercise because you need to lose weight." I looked at Pop Rocks and told…