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Wednesday Wrapup - 5.25.11

A Special Tribute:

My beloved Grandmother passed away a little over a month ago. It hasn’t been an easy road to walk as she and I were close. One of things that anyone who has known my Grandmother would tell you is that  at some point they had received at least one card from her. They always came on holidays and birthdays, but often they came just because. Sometimes they had a clipped comic in them or some other little goodie that had made her think of you. At her funeral everyone in attendance was given a card from her stash. This wasn’t a small service and their were plenty of cards leftover. I added to my stockpile so that I can spread the love to someone else, just like she would have wanted.
As a tribute to my Grandmother I decided that during the month of May I and the kids would make it our mission to send cards to those who need them. We started the month with tornado victims in Alabama. The next week cards were sent to a particular serviceman and his wife. Last week was missions week and cards were sent to our LINKS missionaries (a particular missionary couple sponsored by our church), and today we are making cards for those who are special to us. I finally explained to the kids why we were making the cards and it wasn’t easy. My days won’t be as bright when an unexpected goody arrives in the mail, but at least I can keep the tradition alive and pass it on to someone else.

Several of the kids shared how they had been making cards for people and had found out just how much of a difference it can make is someone's life. This was such a treasure for me to hear. Several of the kids also made me cards, which was totally unexpected, but really brightened my week. 

My Grandmother was one of the most wonderful people I know and I find it hard to tell someone how much she meant to me. My world has not been the same since she is no longer in it, but her legacy lives on!


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