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Merry Mary Monday - 5.30.2011

Happy Memorial Day! 

Mary has been settling in and sleeping near me a lot lately. This is what I see.  The true essence of a holiday!

Sunday's Song 5.29.11

Today I wanted to share a song with you. This song has been my life anthem lately and gives me hope whenever I hear it. It is called “The Redeemer.” My favorite part is the chorus. I need to learn to use it as a mantra whenever my frustration level has built itself up.On the band's website you can listen to the song as well as see a video of them telling their redemption stories. You can also record your own video of your redemption story to share with the band and others. I encourage you to check it out.

I don't have this CD yet, but I really want it!

Siteseeing on a Saturday

I thought I would start some more regular features on my blog. One I came up with is “Siteseeing”. This will be where I share some of my favorite websites and other various things from the world wide web with you, my loyal readers.

Today I thought I would share a site I have been using to get free Amazon gift cards. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Its called Swagbucks. (And yes this is my referral link and I benefit from you joining and using the program. If you don’t want to use my referral link, I won’t hold it against you.) I have been doing Swagbucks around a year and I have earned $75 in gift cards. I didn’t start using the site for a long time because I was skeptical.

Basically you use Swagbucks as a search engine just like you use Google. When you search you sometimes win bucks. You can turn in your bucks for Amazon gift cards (450 bucks for $5 gift card). It isn’t something that gets in the way of your regular life. There are other ways to win bucks, …

Wednesday Wrapup - 5.25.11

A Special Tribute:

My beloved Grandmother passed away a little over a month ago. It hasn’t been an easy road to walk as she and I were close. One of things that anyone who has known my Grandmother would tell you is that  at some point they had received at least one card from her. They always came on holidays and birthdays, but often they came just because. Sometimes they had a clipped comic in them or some other little goodie that had made her think of you. At her funeral everyone in attendance was given a card from her stash. This wasn’t a small service and their were plenty of cards leftover. I added to my stockpile so that I can spread the love to someone else, just like she would have wanted.
As a tribute to my Grandmother I decided that during the month of May I and the kids would make it our mission to send cards to those who need them. We started the month with tornado victims in Alabama. The next week cards were sent to a particular serviceman and his wife. Last we…

Stress or Destress - That is the Question.

I’ve had a lot of things going lately and have been somewhat stressed. (Cicadas don’t help!)  I don’t handle stress well, at all. Yesterday just kept getting more intense. Last night when I was trying (very unsuccessfully) to go to sleep I needed something to relieve the tension. Pop Rocks and I started talking and laughing and just hanging out. Both of us should have been asleep as we a had a really early morning today, but it was such medicine to the soul. I am so glad to have him as my husband. He really is incredible.

What do you do when you get stressed?

Why I'm planning a vacation 13 years in advance....

The 13 year cicadas have made their long impending appearance at our house. They FREAK me out! I took Mary out last night and about had a panic attack. I’ve never been a fan of any insects and an infestation is getting close to pushing me over the edge.

When I got inside and told Pop Rocks about it I explained that cicadas are freaking looking and remind me of crawfish (only they have wings and fly and are crawling around my yard). I kinda feel like anything that incubates in the ground for 13 years only to make an appearance for 4 weeks should be in the Nature Freaks category.

Pop Rocks asked me if they didn’t remind me of Palmetto Bugs. (For those that don’t know the infamous palmetto bugs are my nemesis. I will have to write about it soon.) Since he brought it up, they suddenly reminded me of those awful creatures and now I am nervous even indoors.

Anyway, I decided that we needed to start saving our money now so that in 13 years we can go on vacation. a. long. vacatio…