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This Week in Words

This has been an interesting week. Monday was a holiday which was a great break. I had orgiinally planned to be out of town all weekend and drive back Monday afternoon. Something happened that altered those plans and then they were altered again due to a sickness in the family I was going to visit. I spent last weekend with my parents, grandmother, Pop Rocks, and some other family members.

Tuesday I participated in my first ever Zumba class. It was fun and very energetic, but I am not very coordinated, so I don’t know that it is the best fit for me. I will probably attend the classes every now and then to pep up my routine.

Today is another snow day around these parts so I spent the day at home working. I am amazed at how productive I have been. I got somethings accomplished that I really needed to get done, but I don’t normally enjoy doing. Oh, I am so tired of snow. I didn’t know I was moving to snow country when I moved here. It is so frustrating to get snowed in and be stuck at th…

Merry Mary Monday - 1.17.11

Wednesday Wrap-up: 1.12.11

“God is good! All the time! And all the time? God is good!”

Its one of those phrases you hear time and again inside the walls of churches (I’d say four, but mine has a bunch more than that. I taught the kids the back-and-forth saying last week.

Waiting on God is not often easy. “He’s an on-time God.” Though its true, it is not always comforting when you are waiting. Lately there have been some things I’ve been waiting on. Waiting on God to come through and save the day! I don’t doubt that He is coming, I just keep hoping its soon! When I think back to being a kid I can think of the waiting. Waiting for summer break, waiting for my birthday, waiting for Christmas... waiting. Some things never change. Learning patience is never easy. I think God wants us to learn to wait on him so that we can learn to trust, hope and learn not to doubt.

I was telling the kids the story of Job tonight and how he didn’t give up faith that God was coming. I am pretty sure that if I went throug…

Snow Days

In case you missed yesterday’s post, we’ve had some snow here the past couple of days!It is so beautiful. I’ve always loved snow, but I especially loved it as a child when we had snow days. In 1996 there was a blizzard that came through Maryland, where I was living. We were out of school for a week! I remember each evening watching the report hoping the right county would pop up as being canceled. Every night it would show up, we were out of school one more day. By Thursday night, I didn’t want that county to pop up on the newscast, but there it was. I had a bad case of cabin fever.

My parents were out of town for the blizzard and my Grandmother was staying with us. We would go and play in the snow with the neighborhood kids. We would come in and drink hot cocoa and thaw out, but then darkness would come. Like it always does the nights seemed to drag and we were stuck inside. I remember wanting nothing more than to be able to get out and play. Thankfully these two back-…

Merry Mary Monday - 1.10.11

Its a snow day here! Hows your weather?

How Do Elevators Work?

So I park in the garage next to my office and I generally park on a lower level. This does not require me to use the elevator, but most days I do (the stairwell smells and sometimes people are really slow in there). So if you want to go down on the elevator you press the down button and use the up button to go, well, up.

I walk up to the elevator and press the down button. Some days I walk to it with one of my co-workers, who parks on an upper level. She will press the button to go up AFTER I press the down button. The elevator comes and it is going up. Today she wasn’t with me but, the elevator came and went up for someone else. I waited and watched the progress of the elevator, someone showed up and pressed the up button. The other elevator decided it should start working and it came and was going up! Finally, the other elevator came and went down, but seriously?!?!

Aren’t elevators supposed to be fair? I know that life isn’t fair and all of that, but come elevators pla…

Takeway: Holiday Edition

This Christmas was not what I had hoped it would be. I am not going to complain though. I want to tell you what I took away from this season. One of my family's traditions is to watch “Its a Wonderful Life” each year. This year the end of the movie was what caught my attention, not that it doesn't always. At the end of the movie (spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen this movie, you should go watch it, I can wait.... done? Great wasn’t it?) Clarence gives George a book and inside it is inscribed with the following:

“No man is a failure who has friends.”

2010 was a great year for me and Pop Rocks in the friends department! As I was watching the movie, I noticed a line where one of George’s friends says that he doesn’t know what the problem is but they brought some money. It didn’t matter what the problem was, they were going to help George. I was thinking about my friends and would I do the same for them.  I am so happy that yes, there are friends I would do that for …

Merry Mary Monday - 1.3.2011