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2010 Week of Thanks - Day 3

I love my family so much! I am so blessed and privilege to call them my own. My parents are the most wonderful people on the planet! My brother is great! He is fun and pretty much awesome. I have the best in-laws a girl could ever want! I have amazing Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

I have to say the best part of family is that they love you no matter what! Plus some even read my blog (hey Aunt Sue!). I love that they show up for me, whether it is a birthday card, a facebook wall post, a thoughtful phone call, or just by praying for me. Other than getting to marry Pop Rocks one of the best things about my wedding was being with my family!

One of the best things ever is that I can call my parents when I am having a bad day or just a down day and I am better by the end of the conversation. I am so thankful for my family - they are part of me!

2010 Week of Thanks - Day 2

Today I would like to say how thankful I am for my friends. I have the most amazing friends in the world. It means so much to me to have people in my life that care about it almost as much as I do. I can only hope that they know how much they mean to me. Just to show you how awesome my friends are let me tell you a little story:

We were going to some friends of ours home for dinner. We had done this before, but we asked if we could bring Mary with us. It was warmer then so we put her crate in the garage and she also was tethered on their back porch where she can run and play in their yard. Not wanting to take advantage of their hospitality I was not letting Mary out of their kitchen. We were playing with her and she was eating carrots. Well the three girls ended up sitting in the floor of the kitchen talking and playing with Mary. Turns out, my friends did not care one bit if Mary ran around their house; we were just sitting in the floor for no reason! I commented (and i…

Week of Thanks - Day 1

Today I want to tell you how thankful I am for my job. It is something that I am grateful for no matter how long a day I’ve had. It is incredible that 3 ½ years ago I was fresh out of college and I was given a job and an opportunity.  Its pretty cool that its worked out and I’m still there. 

Also, I have some of the best co-workers. When you work together the way that we do (a small office and no one seems to leave) you get to be pretty good friends. It has been wonderful to have them in my life for all the curve balls that come our way. They pretty much rock!

What are you thankful this year?  I decided to take a week and tell you all the things I am thankful this year. Stay tuned to find out about all of it.

Merry Mary Monday - 11.15.10

We’ve had Mary for almost 3½ months now. The time has flown. We absolutely love her. I hope that she loves us too! She loves to snuggle and gets in bed with us every night and morning. Its our favorite part of the day. She keeps us laughing and brings so many smiles to our face. This isn’t much of an update. I promise to to do better in the coming weeks.