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Crystal Clear

I’ve been thinking a lot about transparency and being “real” lately. I’ve been trying to figure this out in my life long before President Obama made it one of his talking points. When Pop Rocks first asked me out on a date I made a very determined decision to be myself, good, bad, or ugly. Unknown to me, he had made the same decision. I believe strongly that this is the reason we were able to fall in love so quickly. It has also spilled over into our marriage which is really open and honest.

I have to admit that I sometimes struggle with my own vanity making me want to put only my best face forward. I have to realize that everyone has difficult days and when we show that we struggle we show that we are genuine. Everyone has difficulties and hardships, but it is how we act on those days, months, years, that shows who we are at our core. Some of us still find ways to laugh and smile through the heartache, some of us only find ourselves able to cry. Either way lets not mist…

Merry Mary Monday - 10.11.10

One of the funniest things about Mary is when she is wearing clothes. Our hyperactive little bundle of energy is suddenly lazy, clingy, and cuddly when you put a shirt or dress on her. (Yes I said dress.) One day not too long ago I was trying to clean the house and I noticed that she was shivering. We had not yet turned the heat on like the weather wanted on that particular day. I put her shirt on her and then I couldn’t get her off of me. I thought she must be tired. Unfortunately her bedding and her blankets were all in the washing machine. I took her and put her in our bed under my covers.

I had been checking on her, but she eventually got hot or bored and wandered out of the sheets. I heard her ear flap as she shook herself, so I eventually went to check on her. I assumed she would be laying on top of the blankets. I was SO WRONG! There she was sitting on Pop Rock’s side of the bed where she had been searching for treasure. She had found proverbial gold in the form o…

Its been awhile

Sorry it has been so long... that was not on purpose. I’d love to have some exotic excuse, like I was cruising the Caribbean on my 40 foot yacht, but I don’t. I’ve just been busy. A lot has happened over the last several weeks, though not much garnering a post from me. (I’m still working on this blogger thing.)

I did have a birthday, which was good. I was starting to feel like this would be the first birthday I would dread, but it was absolutely great!

I also walked a 5k. I was filled with doubt about being able to keep up with my friends, but I did and we had a blast! 3.1 miles are nothing when you are doing it with your friends.

I do have a Merry Mary Monday post in the works for Monday so stay tuned. I will work on getting some of my thoughts together for this coming week and hopefully I will do better about posting more regularly.

Have a great weekend!