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Wednesday Wrap-up - 9.1.10 & 9.8.10

Last week we started learning about gentleness. I have to admit I was a little nervous about teaching gentleness. I guess I always felt that it is something that you either have or you don’t, I never really thought about it as something that can be learned or acquired. When I began looking into the actual definition of gentleness I realized that it can be learned.

Gentleness is showing love with our actions. Its funny to me because it is something that can be instinctive (like when holding a baby) but also something that can be learned (using our words in such a way that we don’t hurt someone else’s feelings).

This week we followed up last weeks lesson with a fun activity. We had the kids get into groups and act out scenarios where they demonstrated the situation with gentleness and the situation without gentleness. It was rather interesting.

One scenario involved a teacher laden with books walking into school. Without gentleness the the students laughed at the teacher and did not help. With gentleness they grabbed the books and opened the door.

Anther involved being in the Clubhouse before Wednesday night services. Without gentleness it was chaotic and the kids were breaking all the rules (looked eerily close to reality). With gentleness the kids were behaving and answering questions by raising their hands.

The third scenario involved a friend being made fun of. Without gentleness there were fake punches thrown and more feelings hurt. With gentleness there were kids who went from being mean to finding Jesus.

In the final scenario the kids acted out being asked to watch over their younger sibling or cousin. Without gentleness there were crying babies. Without gentleness everyone was happy.

We had a lot of fun and hopefully learned a thing or two about gentleness.

Next week is missions week... 

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