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Wednesday Wrap-up: 9,15.10

So there isn't much in the way of a Wednesday night wrap-up. We had our first long Wednesday night Christmas musical practice. It was something of a crazy night, but we made it through...
I did have one thought driving home last night. I was thinking about how easily I get bored. I have learned something from Mary and that it is okay to just enjoy sitting and being calm and quiet. Once Mary settles in, you will most often find her buried under cover, not sleeping, just laying. I have been thinking how maybe I don't need to worry about filling every second of every day with something to do, maybe I just need to take time to be.
"Be still and know that I am God."

What I did over my last summer weekend....

This weekend we went whitewater rafting with some friends. We had the greatest time! This was my fourth time rafting and I have to say it was one of the most adventurous. On the second rapid our boat (which held me, Pop Rocks, one of our friends, three guys from another group and our guide) got stuck in a hydraulic part of the river. I have been down this river before and “played” in the same hydraulic.
When you are on the river it isn’t exactly encouraging to hear your guide say, “This is about to get interesting.” In our case it meant we were getting stuck and the second time that another boat was going to go over us.

It was a fun weekend filled with laughter, adventure, fun, food, football, and most of all friendship. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and spending time with my friends.

What is one of your greatest memories of times with friends?
This song has been on my mind a lot since last Sunday. Since I am away from my blog today I thought I would share it with you:

To Fly or to Fear

I used to be a really fearful person. I was terrified of anything that could be a potential risk. So much so that at one point in my rather young life (probably 12 or 13) I considered not ever getting my driver’s license. It seemed too scary and dangerous. I have since changed and maybe overcompensated...

Yesterday I watched several people repel down the side of a 27 story building... in the rain... to raise money for the Special Olympics. My previous self would have said (much to the happiness of my loved ones) “That is just crazy.”

Now, I find myself saying, “Oh, I wish it was me.”

I would’ve done it, but it cost a fairly big chunk of change. Maybe next time. Instead I will be getting my adrenaline rush in another way. You can expect a full report next week...

Rainy Day Friday

Its a very rainy day here in Nashville. Days like this make me miss my childhood. Mostly because days like this make me want to curl up in an oversized chair by a fire and read a good book. Not that I can’t do that as an adult, but I have to work it into my schedule that today involves being in the office. Someday, I will get such as I desire. I hope it will dry out soon. I don’t like the wet and the rain... plus Mary won’t go out in the rain, we even got her a raincoat, but it doesn’t help.

What do you do when it rains?

Wednesday Wrap-up - 9.1.10 & 9.8.10

Last week we started learning about gentleness. I have to admit I was a little nervous about teaching gentleness. I guess I always felt that it is something that you either have or you don’t, I never really thought about it as something that can be learned or acquired. When I began looking into the actual definition of gentleness I realized that it can be learned.

Gentleness is showing love with our actions. Its funny to me because it is something that can be instinctive (like when holding a baby) but also something that can be learned (using our words in such a way that we don’t hurt someone else’s feelings).

This week we followed up last weeks lesson with a fun activity. We had the kids get into groups and act out scenarios where they demonstrated the situation with gentleness and the situation without gentleness. It was rather interesting.

One scenario involved a teacher laden with books walking into school. Without gentleness the the students laughed at the teacher …